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Formal speeches, presentations, client update meetings, new business pitches, industry conference talks, or even staff meetings. Sitting or standing, speaking through a microphone or projecting naturally, you talk to people all the time.

Sometimes you don’t know where to begin to prepare, so you procrastinate or don’t prepare at all. You don’t know if you’re doing it right or not, so you just do it the way you’ve seen everyone else do it.

You’re looking to distinguish yourself and your organization, but you’re not exactly sure how to accomplish that.

You’re a professional. You’re engaged, on your game, and moving your agenda forward. You’re someone who is succeeding, but you’d like to hit a homerun every time you open your mouth.

When you’re in front of people, you’re trying to accomplish something – be persuasive, informative or motivating. Your communications skills can sell you to the next level in your business or your career every day.

SmartMouth Communications offers a method that’s easy for you – the speaker – and that’s effective with your audiences.

SmartMouth keeps it simple and real and accessible. No gimmicks, no exercises. Just a straightforward, authentic approach.

SmartMouth calls phooey on the boring, tedious meetings and presentations you endure and have come to expect and even accept.

SmartMouth addresses head on the shrinking attention spans of every single audience you encounter – it’s a 21st century reality, and your communications must adapt!

SmartMouth builds a genuine connection and rapport with you so that you, in turn, build a genuine connection and rapport with others.

SmartMouth is prepared to show you and your team how to organize your material and frame it up in a way that grabs your audience’s attention, offers them context right away, and builds in multiple opportunities for retention and takeaways.

You’re good at what you do, so be good at talking about it. You can get started today: Request your complimentary copy of the SmartMouth Public Speaking Toolkit and sign up to receive the bi-monthly newsletter.

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