About SmartMouth

A note from our founder

Working with people to help them become better communicators and better presenters is what I love to do.

Sometimes this requires that I help develop or fine-tune your content – your narrative or your messaging – and sometimes this means that I prepare you to “own the room” when it’s your turn at the microphone.

It begins with me listening to you, understanding your goals and challenges, getting to know your business or profession, and then building our connection and rapport so that I can help you get to the next level.

Your authenticity is critical to our success together. I work to bring out the best you. I would never seek to make you into something or someone else.

Even when I work with a team of people, I am still focused on moving each individual dial. I will work with you toward improving your or your group’s ability to connect and create rapport – all while honoring individual strengths and preferences.

There’s a high level of trust, respect and partnership that you will get when you work with me. I, too, have been coached, consulted with and trained, and so I know how it feels on the other side of the table. My approach is deliberately gentle and fun. Yet it is designed to raise awareness and create insights that will propel you to be able to differentiate yourself and your message.

No one succeeds alone. Everyone needs to communicate in order to succeed. Whether you are selling yourself, an idea, or goods and services, your communications skills are your secret sales force. The words you use and the experience you give your audiences can stand out – just by creating connection and rapport.

Let’s talk, so you can win!


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