Speaker Coaching

For leaders with “triple-high combo” situations – high stakes, high visibility, and high impact – 1:1 Speaker Coaching prepares you to be influential, informative and impressive.   Read more about Speaker Coaching

C-Suite Narratives

In order to be great leaders, C-Suite executives need a narrative that is uniquely theirs. The usual company narrative – the one generated for Wall Street or for selling products and services – is not enough. Stakeholders and employees crave a more earthy, personal articulation of the company vision and value.   Read more about C-Suite Narratives

Presentation Skills Training

Easy, fun and full of value, Presentation Skills Training is for teams that want to differentiate themselves and their work by giving standout presentations and leading and participating in meetings more effectively.  Read more about Presentation Skills Training

Strategic Communications Consulting

There are situations and events – both planned and unplanned – that arise for an organization and threaten to rock the boat. For these occasions, there’s only one chance to get it right. Communicating around change, crises, or reputational issues requires a deliberate and comprehensive strategy first and solid messaging second. Read more about Strategic Communications Consulting

Spokesperson Training

A hybrid of Presentation Skills Training and Media Readiness™ Training, Spokesperson Training is for groups and/or individuals who are anticipating the need to be the public face and voice for their organization in a variety of settings.  Read more about Spokesperson Training

Media Readiness™ Training

There’s no need to freeze or hide when a reporter calls. Media Readiness™ Training prepares you to field any kind of a question and stay on message. You will learn that it’s not the questions that matter, it’s your answers.  Read more about Media Readiness™ Training

Message Development

For individuals or organizations that want a strong and consistent way to promote themselves, their work and their value propositions, Message Development is essential. At SmartMouth, we strive to make the messages clear and simple enough for the messengers to deliver and for the audiences to retain.   Read more about Message Development

Keynote Speeches

While it’s certainly common, there is no need for the words public speaking to stir up feelings of fear and dread. Yet they do. However, the very reason most people want to avoid public speaking is the very same reason they should embrace it: these occasions are unique, high-visibility opportunities to position yourself, promote your brand, or to be influential or inspirational. Read more about Keynote Speeches