The Book

About Jock Talk

A substantive yet down-to-earth business book that entertains while it teaches leaders and aspiring leaders why and how they should shape their communications in order to be more effective and impressive. It’s a reality that athletes take more turns than most at public speaking and therefore provide both exemplary and cautionary examples to the rest of us. In Jock Talk, Beth Levine points out, in a pithy and poignant way, what executives can learn from these examples.

Jock Talk candidly examines the public comments of athletes, coaches, and team owners. Their stories serve to illustrate five foundational communication principles—audience-centricity, transparency, graciousness, brevity, and preparedness—that will help you find your best voice and communicate in a way that will build support, reputation, and business.

Jock Talk offers a no-nonsense approach to establishing a credible, likable, and memorable tone and speaking style. In addition to the insights provided by the five principles, you will get tips on delivery and an easy-to-use framework for developing a presentation or remarks for any occasion.


About the Author

Communications coach Beth Noymer Levine is an expert in helping Fortune 500 executives, professional and world-class athletes, and other high-profile individuals effectively think about, prepare for, and deliver their messages to important audiences. The founder of SmartMouth Communications (, Levine is also the creator of the 5-star-rated iOS mobile app SmartMouth Public Speaking Toolkit, and an online training platform, SmartMouth OnDemand. She is a frequent speaker and workshop presenter at conferences and events nationwide.


Jock Talk was an Award-Winning Finalist in the “Business: Communications/Public Relations” category of the 2015 International Book Awards

Table of Contents

Introduction: If you value organizational excellence and operational performance, then you must value communication.

Chapter 1: Pre-Game Pep Talk

You can do this. It’ll take some effort, it may even take some change, but my five-star approach makes it easy.

Chapter 2: Playing to Your Fans

The basis for all good communication: It’s all about them – your audience – it’s not about you.

Chapter 3: Squaring to Bunt

Transparency shows, and lack of transparency also shows. Be open and forthcoming with information and emotion.

Chapter 4: Ally Oop

Nothing beats graciousness and generosity, even under fierce competitive pressure. Take the high road and let the other guy score. You’ll have a better chance of winning overall.

Chapter 5: Punt Play

Less is more. Everyone appreciates brevity, and audiences will have a much better chance of retaining your message if you are succinct.

Chapter 6: Two-a-Days

Preparation shows, and lack of preparation also shows. Even five minutes of prep time can make a huge difference.

Chapter 7: Game Face

Nonverbal messages are as critical, if not more critical, than verbal messages. It helps to put nervousness and other physical delivery issues into perspective.

Chapter 8: Game Day

You know the five principles, now you have to put them into action. I’ll give you my proprietary methodology to make it easy for you to construct a talk.


“If you need to improve your leadership communication, look no further than Jock Talk. With fascinating examples from sports legends, Levine shows you how to capture your audience’s attention, speak with sincerity and credibility, and enjoy the benefits of a respectful work environment.”

Marshall Goldsmith

a Thinkers 50 Top Ten Global Business Thinker and top ranked executive coach.

“Beth Noymer Levine’s Jock Talk is an ace at match point, a three pointer at the buzzer and a walk-off home run all rolled into one insightful book. As a fellow communications professional, I can tell that Beth has a commanding grip on the strategies that can transform anyone into a more polished and effective communicator.”

Bill McGowan

CEO – Clarity Media Group

“Beth Levine offers up five solid-gold insights from the athletic world to guide all your communication with your employees, the public, and the press. Follow these training precepts rigorously and you’ll end up a winner every time.”

Dr. Nick Morgan

President of Public Words and author of Power Cues

“For anyone who wants to raise their game as a presenter or effective communicator, Beth Levine’s 5 principles are spot-on! Beth’s broad experience in coaching others coupled with great stories of athletes offers a refreshing set of insights from the field into the boardroom. A great read for all those who want to continue to master their voice and communications impact.”

Amy Jen Su

Co-Author, Own the Room: Discover Your Signature Voice to Master Your Leadership Presence