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Harvard Business Review – How to Calm Your Nerves Before a Big Presentation – October 27, 2016

“It’s not easy getting ready for a big presentation. The stakes can feel high, and in our desire for things to go well, the anticipation builds.” 

Bulldog Reporter Daily ‘Dog – PR Business Perspectives: Why Communication Is the Currency of Business – July 10, 2015

“I view communication as the everyday currency of business; it’s how we get things done. Our success is ultimately determined by interactions with employees, customers, communities, suppliers, shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders.”

BBC TV – How to Speak Like a Champion, Literally – June 2015

“With all that time in front of microphones, you’d think high-profile sports stars would be eloquent public speakers. Sadly, this is not always the case.”

BBC Radio 5 – Up All Night – June 2015 (Starts at 1:23)

Beth sits down to talk with Andrew Jennings.

WSJ Live “Lunch Break” – How to Nail Your Next Speech – June 2015

Whether it’s your next meeting or a toast at a wedding, there’s no reason that nerves or stumbles should ruin your next speech. Communication expert Beth Levine sits down with WSJ’s Tanya Rivero and offers tips.

Utah Business – 30 Women To Watch – May 2015

Beth is honored as one of Utah’s 30 Women to Watch.

Investor’s Business Daily – Top Public Speakers Train Like Sports Legends – April 2015

“If you want to inspire people, think like a champion.”

Forbes – Talk Like A Jock: The Athletic Approach To Making An All-Star Presentation – April 2015

“To speak like a pro, consider adopting the skills of a professional athlete, says communications expert Beth Noymer Levine.”

American Management Association Bylines

AMA Playbook- Not A Good ‘Look…’ Avoid This Public Speaking Faux Pas- August 2016

“As a public speaking coach, I frequently get asked to comment on political rhetoric, especially during election season. I pretty much always say NO THANK YOU.”

AMA Playbook- Push vs. Pull: Why Your Communication Style Matters- June 2016

“Do you know what your communication style is? Do you push more than you pull, or do you pull more than you push?”

AMA Playbook- How to Craft Compelling Business Stories- April 2016

“The latest #protip for being a persuasive speaker is to use stories. Storytelling “experts” are offering seminars, courses, and even conferences on how to develop and tell a story.”

AMA Playbook- 8 Tips to Improve Your Delivery Style- March 2016  

“I advise my clients to be themselves. And then we get to work on making them the best selves they can be. The structure and substance of what you are saying matters, and your body language and delivery style matter.”

AMA Playbook- How to Leverage the Five P’s of Pitching- February 2016

“Pitching – ideas, business solutions, services, creative directions – is usually a pretty high-stakes presentation. While different industries and circumstances dictate different formats for pitches, there are five universal elements that every pitch should include – and they all begin with a P!”

AMA Playbook- The Power of Preparation- January 2016

“BEING prepared is just about the most audience-centric thing you can do. It confers a sense of importance and value on your listeners. It shows respect for their time and is arguably the least you can do in exchange for their attentiveness to you as a speaker.”  

AMA Playbook- Communicating Graciousness in Challenging Times- November 2015

“As a manager or leader, it is up to you to convey good news and bad news and to motivate, inspire, reassure, and persuade. You have choices about your tone and approach – and being gracious is one of them.”

AMA Playbook – How to Keep Your Audience Hooked – October 2015

“When you get up to talk or take the microphone at an event, it is not, and should not be, all about you—not if you want to be effective, impressive, and memorable, that is. There is an unwritten, unspoken contract with your audience that you, the speaker, will entertain, enlighten, or energize them.”

AMA Playbook –  Why Brevity is Best in a Presentation – September 2015

“When was the last time you or someone you know complained because a speaker was brief? Quite the opposite, right? Like bling, brevity immediately gets our attention. It’s a quick way to be memorable and ensure that your audience retains your points. There’s nothing quite like brevity for making a lasting impression.”

AMA Playbook – Transparency: Communicating Openly with Your Audiences— August 2015

“’Transparency’ has become one of those twenty-first century buzzwords, used to measure how open, honest, and above-board corporate or government officials are. It’s an important word, and it has found its way into our common vocabulary with good reason: We want and need more transparency. Audiences demand it.”

AMA Playbook – 3 Reasons to Welcome Cell Phones During Your Presentation – June 2015

“Just like a scowling face or furrowed brow in the front row, someone tapping on a mobile phone in the audience can be distracting, even derailing, to a speaker or presenter at the front of the room. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked by a presenter what they should do about audience members being on their phones during a presentation, I could have retired years ago.”

AMA Playbook – Public Speaking: 3 Counterintuitive Ways to Face Your Fears – June 2015

“There’s no one sure-fire cure for fear of public speaking, just as there’s no one definitive source of the fear, but there are some mindset shifts you can use to ease the pain. For the record, they don’t include picturing your audience in their underwear!”


Other Bylines

The Glass Hammer- Say It Like You Mean It: How to Communicate Effectively at Work- October, 2016

“You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’ve earned your success because you’re not afraid of hard work. However, sometimes communicating with your male colleagues can seem like trying to put a puzzle together without all the pieces.”

Quartz – Everything you need to know about public speaking, you learned in childhood — August 11, 2015

“Before delivering a speech or presentation, try evoking a little nostalgia for that time when being told to stand up straight and not fidget were daily rituals. Here are six of the most common childhood reminders, reconsidered as a handy public speaking guide for anxious adults.”

Young Upstarts – Stand Out With Brevity — August 6, 2015

“Regardless of how brilliant or compelling a speaker’s material is, audiences get downright annoyed when speakers are long-winded or go over their allotted time. In these cases, even if the content is stellar, the takeaway is a less-than-stellar impression.” – Squaring to Bunt: Transparency Shows – June 2015

““Transparency” has become one of those twenty-first century buzzwords, used to measure how open, honest, and aboveboard corporate or government officials are. It’s an important word, and it has found its way into our common vocabulary with good reason: We want and need more transparency. Audiences demand it.”

Small Business Opportunities – Audience-Centricity Can Grow Business – June 15, 2015

“For entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses, public speaking skills are key. You are the primary spokesperson for your company and, as such, you interact with customers, suppliers, and employees every day. Effective communications help you make sales, motivate employees and build your business.”

The CEO Magazine – Storytelling 2.0: Your Narrative – May 2015

“You’ve created something really amazing. Everyone wants to know more. The story of your success, how you got there, and what’s next draw entrepreneurial curiosity-seekers and other interested parties like flies to flypaper.” – Value Communication: It’s key to your success – May 10, 2015

“Yet, if we agree on that basic premise, why is it that most organizations neglect to adopt and post values around communications like they do for operations.” – 5 Principles to Seed Communication as a Corporate Value – April 2015

“As communications professionals – whether you are inside a company or outside in a consulting capacity – you have a front-row seat to the mediocrity show and you also have the ear of leadership. You are in a position to put communication on the values map.”

LifeHealthPro – 5 ways to improve public speaking – April 2015

“Success is all about the floor time. When it comes to a career trajectory, executives, like athletes, often come up through the ranks by earning more and more floor or field time, demonstrating at each step of the way that they have the necessary competencies behind them and a ton of potential ahead.”

LifeHealthPro – You Have 8 Seconds To Connect With Your Audience or Make Them Fall Asleep – January 2015

 “Audiences hold a lot of power. They decide whether to buy from you, listen to you, take your advice, or even whether to stay in the room and engage. They decide if they like you, think you’re smart, or deem you worthy of their attention. And then – as if all of that weren’t enough – they get to rate you, refer others to you or not, and talk about you freely, in person and online.”