Presentation Skills Training

Easy, fun and full of value, Presentation Skills Training is for teams that want to differentiate themselves and their work by giving standout presentations and leading and participating in meetings more effectively.

These trainings are very interactive with hands-on activities and exercises designed to give participants multiple opportunities to “test drive” new concepts and reinforce the learning. People learn best from their experiences, and so we try and give as many of those as time allows.

Fine print: The goal of any training is to provide both encouragement and tools for the improvement of a skill – which, if we’re being perfectly honest here, is code for making a change. Our Presentation Skills Training is not conducive to participants simply attending and then checking a box to show they went; rather, it is intended to result in real improvement – and so even if we have to coax, cajole and gently prod those who are content in their comfort zones, we aim for real improvement in presentation skills.

Using the SmartMouth approach, methodology and framework as the foundation, our Presentation Skills Training programs cover both organization of content and best practices for delivery. Our programs are highly customized to address the specific needs and circumstances of each group or organization.