Message Development

For individuals or organizations that want a strong and consistent way to promote themselves, their work and their value propositions, Message Development is essential. At SmartMouth, we strive to make the messages clear and simple enough for the messengers to deliver and for the audiences to retain.

Not unlike sausage-making, the end-product is more appealing than the process of Message Development – although we make the process as easy, efficient and fun as possible. We create buckets filled with words, we edit and eliminate, and then we massage and finesse. Pride of authorship – the clients and ours – must be left at the door.

Quick note: We are sticklers about messages being simple, straightforward statements that convey significance or value – not to be confused with information.

The end-product for the client is a Messaging Map for communicators, complete with a sampling of information that backs up each message. Once the map is ready for distribution, we offer group sessions – often called “So We Have Messages, Now What?” or “What to Do With Other People’s Words” – on how to use institutional messaging.