Speaker Coaching

Most successful careers are marked by at least one make-it-or-break-it presentation. Many successful careers simply demand a higher level of communication skill in order to meet everyday challenges. And some successful careers require almost non-stop public speaking. These are our clients’ careers.

At SmartMouth Communications, we have worked one-on-one with leaders and public-facing professionals at all levels to:

  • draw out themes and messaging that match the speaker and the occasion;
  • map out memorable, impactful speeches and presentations that work well for both the speaker and the audience; and
  • build confidence, presence and fluency as a presenter.

We keep it simple and we keep it real. Our clients are relieved to find they get to be themselves in this process – only better by the end.

Especially for leaders with “triple-high combo” situations – high stakes, high visibility, and high impact – one-on-one Speaker Coaching is invaluable in preparing them to be influential, inspiring and impressive in front of any audience.