SmartMouth is a communications consulting firm focused on messages and messengers.

For more than a decade, we have been helping individuals and organizations hone their messaging and polish their delivery.

With the principle of audience-centricity as the central tenet of our approach, we have developed a proprietary methodology for speaking and presenting in a way that grabs and holds attention, builds in opportunities for retention, and ultimately connects with and engages audiences.

Without a doubt, tedious meetings and presentations have become the bane of conference and board rooms everywhere – dreaded by speakers and audiences alike – but it doesn’t need to be that way. There are ways to be informative and persuasive without drowning audiences in too much information, and there are ways to make the room come alive with more dynamic discussion and dialogue.

SmartMouth works with anyone whose image, reputation and bottom line are at stake. Whether your communications with your audiences are direct or through various media, you can benefit from working with us.

Our valued clients have included:

corporate executives and their teams
entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures
governmental and non-profit organizations
sports franchises, management and coaches
professional and world-class athletes

We offer:

one-on-one speaker coaching
group presentation skills trainings
media readiness training™
consulting services for strategy and messaging

When we work with a client, we keep it respectful and real. This means we take a highly individualized approach to each client, we keep confidences, and we work with what’s good to make it better. There are no gimmicks, we keep it simple and accessible for everyone. We instill newfound confidence by listening well, encouraging change based on our methodology and known best practices, but ultimately allowing the client, whether an individual or group, to move the needle for themselves.

We consider all manner of public speaking – formal speeches, presentations, client update meetings, new business pitches, industry conference talks, media interviews, or even staff meetings – to be high stakes. Communication matters, it’s how we get things done and how we achieve goals and attain success as individuals and organizations. Contact us and let us help ensure that your communications achieve maximum value.

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