C-Suite Narratives

In order to be great leaders, C-Suite executives need a narrative that is uniquely theirs. The usual company narrative – the one generated for Wall Street or for selling products and services – is not enough. Stakeholders and employees crave a more earthy, personal articulation of the company vision and value.

At SmartMouth, we have done a “deep dive” with many high-level executives and high-profile individuals, drawing out the person’s thoughts, feelings, and drivers in order to develop their “story” – about themselves or the organization, its goals and its prospects. These executives often trust their innermost – and typically most inspiring – ideas and emotions with us, and we are humbled by that trust.

This is a highly collaborative and iterative process, but once we have the raw material, our job is to help shape it into themes, talking points or even a full speech or presentation. The end result for the C-Suite executive with a narrative all their own is credibility, likability, engagement and respect.