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Beth is an evangelist for change in how people communicate in meetings and presentations.

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Note from Beth

My first priority is connecting with and engaging my audience. I learn as much as I can about my audience before an engagement, but once I’m in the room I solicit questions and invite discussion, as much as I am able to, depending on the audience size and composition. I model the public speaking tenets that I teach by first and foremost remaining singularly focused on my audience.

My topics deal with communicating – a critical skill in business and in life. I thoughtfully build the case and then challenge the audience to think and conduct themselves a little differently for better outcomes. Ultimately, I demystify public speaking by revealing insights, strategies and learnable tactics that make getting up in front of a group less stressful and more effectual.

I have delivered keynotes, spoken at breakout sessions, conducted workshops and webinars, as well as led seminars for groups of all sizes and for diverse industries and professions. When you hire me as a speaker, you will get someone who connects with her audience, is at ease at the front of the room, can adapt her material on the spot to meet her audiences’ needs and interests, and is as willing to facilitate a robust discussion as she is to be a solo performer.


Sampling of Popular Topics

Elite vs. Amateur Communication: Adopting a Winning Mindset

Communication is the currency of our success – it’s how we sell, inform, motivate, reassure, persuade, train and collaborate, to name just a few. Communication skills and styles impact individual careers as well as corporate performance, yet few organizations make excellence in communication an operational performance imperative like they do, efficiency, growth, quality control, and innovation.

This is an interactive talk that borrows from Beth’s book, Jock Talk, and her 25-year career to illustrate five key principles of effective communication – audience-centricity, transparency, graciousness, brevity and preparedness. In addition to strategic insights on the organizational value of communication and how to foster it, participants will also gain insights and specific tips from the session and will leave the room with the motivation and ability to communicate like winners.

Keynote: Delivered in 45 minutes
Audience: Executive Level

Lean Operations, Fat Presentations?

Do you run a company by the principles of “lean thinking” – eliminating waste while maximizing profits? Yet do you find yourself and your staff in tedious meetings that eat up too much time? This workshop will dissect what happens in typical business meetings and presentations and will then reconstruct them with some lean communication tactics that attendees can put to use immediately. Lean communication results in shorter, better-focused meetings and presentations, greater retention among participants, and productivity hours added back into the workweek. 

Breakout: Delivered in 60-minute and 90-minute versions
Audience: Management Level

It’s Not All About You: How to be an Audience-Centric Speaker

Building understanding, being persuasive, and motivating others are all critical components of good communication and presentation skills. Achieving these goals doesn’t start with the speaker alone, but with the speaker’s attentiveness to the audience. This training seminar helps speakers become audience-centric in their preparation for and delivery of high-impact, low anxiety presentations. Participants leave with insights and specific tips for leading better meetings and making more effective presentations.

Seminar/Workshop: Delivered in 90 minutes to 3 hours
Audience: Any Level

Requests for other related topics are welcome.


Speaker Endorsements:


“Beth gave a great presentation for our organization. At the end of the day, we all had to write down our favorite part of the day. Beth won!”

Deanne B.

Board Retreat

“Beth gave a very inspiring talk. She was a huge hit. I received so many great emails from the people who attended. Beth’s message resonated with many people.”

Judy F.

Professional Networking Event

“Beth’s topic and delivery were spot on. Anyone in attendance will DEFINITELY do a better job on their presentations going forward. Commercial real estate professionals can be a tough audience, but Beth got us participating/engaged in a very positive and effective way.”

Michael L.

Real Estate Symposium

“Beth’s training was everything she promised: succinct and memorable. It was one of the best I ever received.”

Anne P.


“Beth did an awesome job. At the end of the meeting, we did a go around, in which we asked “What did you hear today that had the biggest impact on you?” Everyone said it was Beth’s presentation.”

Bob M.

CEO Peer Group

“In terms of concrete usefulness, the most helpful session of the institute.”

Alex S.

Leadership Retreat

“Beth’s presentation was very interesting. I went to it out of duty, but after it was completed, I thought it was time well spent.”

John W.

Executive Roundtable Event

“We had 11 speakers during a 2.5 day conference for our clients and Beth was, by far, the standout speaker.”

Cherie P.

Hospital Executives Conference