SmartMouth Public Speaking Toolkit App

The SmartMouth Public Speaking Toolkit provides you with the relief and confidence that come with knowing you are preparing and delivering effectively, along with the step-by-step thought process you would learn in a SmartMouth seminar.


The SmartMouth Public Speaking Toolkit brings you a virtual suite of speaker coaching services. It is designed to help you out in a pinch! It will give you advice to help overcome the fear of public speaking and will help you keep track of ideas and tidbits for future talks. It’s also a tool to help you quit procrastinating and eliminate the dread of preparing for a talk by prompting you with a useable outline. Here’s what you can expect this app to do for you:

It will teach you best practices for delivering an effective speech or presentation, including how to think about engaging with your audience, how to organize your content, how to plan for time, presentation visuals  and choreography;

It will prompt you so that you can build your own outline (which you can then email to yourself!), bailing you out when you need some remarks on the spot or just need help getting organized; and

It will store your notes to self, observations, reminders, feedback, stories, anecdotes and even fun facts, all of which you may want to reference for future talks.

It has the ability to track feedback and to duplicate and adapt outlines for future use.

SmartMouth Makes it Real. Real Speakers for Real Audiences.

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Available for iPhone and iPad the SmartMouth app features:

  • Best practices prep tips.
  • How to think, prepare and prioritize a speech.
  • Tool to create a speech outline that you can then email to yourself.
  • Journal to store your ideas and notes.

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