Whoa, December madness! But not in the way you’re thinking. Yes, it’s a busy month for shopping, celebrations, family and friends. But it also brings the busy anticipation of starting anew … and with that, resolutions!

The December madness I’m experiencing is the flurry of interest and motivation around being better. Better than they were last year, better than the competition, better than expected. Companies, organizations, and individual professionals always seem to inquire in December about the availability of workshops and coaching in order to be better speakers and presenters. The New Year is indeed a time to freshen, improve, and renew oneself. It’s also a time to buck the status quo, challenge oneself, and shoot for excellence! People are thinking about their resolutions for 2011 right now, and they aren’t just signing up at gyms for their bodies, they’re looking for places to work out their brains and their mouths too.

The December launch of SmartTalk has been timely indeed … http://smartmouthgroup.com/events.htm. Here’s to fresh starts … Let’s talk in 2011!

Beth Levine