Rural Mining Project. Spokespeople Needed.


Situation: Controversial mining project in rural area. Executives and members of management team are increasingly called upon to be spokespeople in public meetings, at industry events, and with media.

Engagement Objective: To give members of the executive team the skills necessary to deliver informative and influential presentations, to handle Q&A with grace and ease, and to stay calm, positive and on point at all times.

Training Sessions: The sessions were a hybrid of Media Readiness™ Training and Presentation Skills Training, delivering the best of both to these quick-study high-performers. We covered the critical “parts of a speech” – elements of a presentation that keep it on track and succinct, for both speakers and audiences. We addressed managing Q&A, both in terms of philosophy and actual tactics. And then we went on-camera to deliver presentations and to practice fielding Q&A.

Result: Executives left the training feeling prepared and confident. The CEO noticed improved performances right away. The company is seeing more positive audience reactions and balanced media coverage.

Beth Levine


Posted on

May 7, 2014