CEO. Scientist. Introvert.

Situation: New CEO. Scientist. Introvert. Reputation for being aloof and unapproachable.

Engagement Objective: To help him get comfortable being filmed for a series of employee communications videos as a way to share company strategy and introduce him to employees.

Coaching Relationship: First, I took some time to do an intake and learn about his typical public speaking engagements, his prep style, and his preferences. We established that he is a full-script/teleprompter user; he is not comfortable winging it or using just bullet points. I then shared with him the SmartMouth proprietary approach and framework for thinking through his messaging and organizing his content. He got it immediately. Ultimately, we worked on developing his leadership “voice” – open, direct, crisp and very authentic to his natural speaking style. And finally, we made some minor adjustments to his delivery style so that he appeared more relaxed on camera.

Result: He has confidently settled into his CEO voice. Employees randomly and frequently greet and talk with him in the hallways. He runs better meetings, makes better speeches, and leaves a more commanding first impression with audiences.

Beth Levine

Posted on

May 7, 2014