Schmoozing today with my electrician and painter, and for way longer than I should have, I started to think about how people connect – even, and especially, people who don’t know one another. From that, I extrapolated a few common themes that are good to keep in mind when you need to connect with an audience you don’t know at all or very well.

  1. Ask questions, be curious.
  2. Show interest in what you know about the other person’s work or mission.
  3. Tell relevant stories.
  4. Get personal, reveal just a little bit that makes you human and real.
  5. Treat everyone as if they’re the most important person or group you’ve talked to all day.
Incorporate a few or all of these in your next presentation, and see how it feels. It worked for me with Shane and Matt today, we could’ve talked forever!
Beth Levine