Even just a little bit of self-discipline can make a big difference in a meeting or presentation. Here’s a 5-point checklist for you to consider while keeping yourself in check:

  • You can’t cover everything, so don’t try. Be selective and prioritize.
  • No one is as interested in what you have to say as you are … unless, of course, it pertains directly to them! It’s all about them.
  • Observing the boundary of a time allotment shows respect, restraint, and command. Going over a time allotment shows the opposite.
  • Winging it is not cool. Winging it is simply the intersection of avoidance and false hopes. You’re better than that, so prepare.
  • And above all, take a second to identify what it is that you want your audience to think or know or do at the end. If you’re not solid with the takeaway, how can you expect them to be?
Beth Levine