Ahhhh, “leadership communications” with a group tomorrow … I always love that!

Soooo, what will I inspire them to think about? Their role. People in leadership positions have a higher responsibility when it comes to how they communicate and present themselves than ordinary people do. Leader is a role. And, like any good actor or role-player, leaders have to stay in that role at all times in order to hold onto the credibility and respect they need, and also to be able to stand up to whatever scrutiny they may endure from peers or subordinates.

A couple of tips I will cover …

1) being transparent, especially in their opening;

2) being positive and affirmative all the time, even when the message or purpose is difficult or bad; and

3) being brief.

Good leaders are direct, upbeat, and to the point. And they understand that, as hard as it is sometimes, they cannot let it all hang out … their role requires them to hold it all together. People are counting on them, and their role depends on it.

Beth Levine