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Formal speeches, presentations, client update meetings, new business pitches, industry conference talks, or even staff meetings. Sitting or standing, speaking through a microphone or projecting naturally, you talk to people all the time. Your communication skills matter.

Sometimes you don’t know where to begin to prepare, so you procrastinate or don’t prepare at all. You don’t know if you’re doing it right or not, so you just do it the way you’ve seen everyone else do it. Your public speaking skills should make you stand out, not blend in.

Communication is the currency of success. SmartMouth OnDemand’s online presentation skills courses will help you. Be confident. Be clear. Be on point. Be valued.


“I wish I’d had this training 20 years ago. It would have changed my career. I will never do a presentation the same way.”
– Gary 
Project Manager
“Both Beth Noymer Levine’s Jock Talk book and her SmartMouth OnDemand portal helped me take my verbal and written communications to the next level. The idea of being an audience-centric, driving out one main focal point, and summarizing are effective communication strategies. I am now better prepared for my staff and client meetings. I highly recommend her tools.”
– Eric



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