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"I wish I'd had this training 20 years ago. It would have changed my career. I will never do a presentation the same way."
- Gary 
Project Manager
"Both Beth Noymer Levine's Jock Talk book and her SmartMouth OnDemand portal helped me take my verbal and written communications to the next level. The idea of being an audience-centric, driving out one main focal point, and summarizing are effective communication strategies. I am now better prepared for my staff and client meetings. I highly recommend her tools."
- Eric

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Presentations Course: Fundamental Skills for Public Speakers of All Levels

Our inaugural Presentations course gives you the strategies, tools, and tips you need to be an engaging and effective public speaker no matter the situation. The presentation and public speaking skills this course teaches will make you stand out in business meetings, classes, conferences, interviews, awards/non-profit events, and even weddings (those wedding toasts can be tricky!) whether you have to speak for thirty seconds or an hour.

Regardless of the occasion or meeting, public speaking requires the same fundamentals. Every talk or presentation has to be tweaked and adapted to the audience and the topic, but the fundamentals of giving an effective presentation never change.

In our course, you will learn insights about audiences, speech structure, dealing with lots of data and information, and creating engaging content. These essential communication skills and insights will allow you to craft presentations that will make your audience walk away impressed and, most importantly, thinking about what you said. The course also offers a cure for “too much information” and instructs speakers on how to be more concise.

In addition, you will have lifetime access to the course content and to our SpeechBuilder tool. SpeechBuilder lets you easily outline speeches and save them for later use or reference. You can even email the speeches to yourself or others. It’s a simple fill-in-the-blanks solution to speechwriting and presentation preparation.

The SmartMouth Method: Interactive, Practical, & Innovative

Our methodology works. We know that because we have been refining it and teaching it for 10 years to corporate clients like Adobe, Rio Tinto, and Goldman Sachs and to individual clients such as NBA stars, Olympic medalists, and major politicians/political candidates. Our clients trust our methods and have used them to develop effective presentations that accomplish whatever they need, whether that be persuading investors, voters, or board members – or simply running a business meeting.

We have had such success with our in-person trainings that we decided we want everyone to be able to learn our approach to public speaking, presentations, and general communication. The only way to truly accomplish that is with e-learning. But we have seen how others have approached online communications training and they are too expensive, quite tedious, and too passive.

Our goal with OnDemand is to make our online presentation and public speaking training as interactive and engaging as possible. Our courses build fundamental skills through video lectures, interactive questions, scenario workshopping, and instant feedback. There really is no other online public speaking training that combines so many innovative elements yet keeps it so simple for the user.